Domaine Paul Pillot

Spotlight on Domaine Paul Pillot...

As winemakers, the Pillot family dates back into the 1880s. Jean Baptiste Pillot, who was born in 1858 in Chassagne-Montrachet, cultivated a few vineyards towards the end of that century. After World War I ended, his two sons (Henri and Alphonse) starting running the estate, and acquired even more vineyards. Henri’s son Paul took over the reins in his early 20s and is credited with increasing holdings and buying more vineyards, including Caillerets and Grandes Ruchottes.

Paul, who retired in 2004, has passed his skills on to his son, Thierry, who runs the estate today. Thierry first joined his father in 1999, and his sister Chrystelle a few years after that.

Domaine Paul Pillot consists of 13 hectares covering parts of Chassagne-Montrachet, Saint-Aubin, and Santenay. The dynamic Thierry decided to reduce the amount of new oak used and to use some 350 L barrels. These wines are extremely terroir-transparent and show a great amount of precision and minerality.

There are better known Chassagne domaines, that may be true. And there are other quality Chassagne wines—certainly... But we're hard-pressed to think of many to put ahead of what is coming out of Paul Pillot lately.

Thierry has really hit his stride of late, and these new 2015s really show that. The elegance and finesse of these wines is truly sweeping—and we've got them for you!