Specialty Gifts

Celebrate with the perfect gift: fine wine. We’re here to help you choose the right bottle or case for every milestone, from birthdays to corporate victories. With us, you’ll earn a reputation for bringing the star bottle that enhances each occasion, making it truly special. Call Fine Wines International at at 1-866-600-9463 or email us if we can be of assistance with your selection.

Corporate Gifts with Panache

It can be tricky to choose corporate gifts—you may not know a client or star employee well, but you need to show that you truly value the relationship. Make it easy and send a bottle of bubbly or an elegant Bordeaux. Choose well to convey sophistication while simultaneously showing your appreciation—after all, why else would you be willing to part with a bottle of Bollinger R.D or Jacques Selosse?

Special Vintages for Celebrations

Big celebration coming up? Surprise your loved one with the perfect bottle. Knowing your friends’ palates is the ultimate way to show you’re paying attention. To make it truly special, choose a vintage that commemorates a birth year or anniversary date. Search our inventory by date or if you’d like help, call for recommendations.

Wines That Celebrate
the Way You Do

Wine can make or break an event, and we’re here to make sure your choice is always a win. Who are you celebrating? What message are you sending? From champagne toasts to food pairings, we’ll provide you with perfect options by the case. If money is no object, we can bring you the most exceptional wines in the world, but we also have excellent selections for larger events—wines that will delight and impress your guests without breaking your bank.

A Survival Tip for the Holidays

You know the feeling. You forgot someone on your gift list, or you don’t have a present for the evening’s host. You can easily solve this problem by ordering a case of your favorite wine to keep on hand specifically for gift purposes. Now you’ll always have the perfect bottle to take to dinner, and you’ll never be the person who’s surprised by a holiday gift and can’t reciprocate. Your future self will thank you.


The Perfect Holiday Includes the Perfect Wines

Save room in your luggage when we ship your favorite wines directly to your travel destination. If you’re staying with friends, a fine bottle of their favorite wine is the perfect way to herald your arrival. Or let us ship a case of your choice of wines to have on hand throughout your stay wherever your final destination is.


The Perfect Presentation

Presentation is, of course, important. Many of our wines are available with their original wooden crates. These finely-crafted crates make a handsome display case or gift box. Your OWC will ship separately from your wine so both arrive in perfect condition.