Shipping Information


General Information

As a purveyor of fine wine for more than thirty years, Fine Wines International has expertise in shipping to nearly every region of the country, as well as internationally. We carefully look for ideal shipping times whenever weather is a concern, and we’re happy to discuss options with you.

Domestic Shipping Costs

We offer Free FedEx Ground or 50% off FedEx 2nd/3rd Day and FedEx Priority Overnight Shipping on orders of $600 or more within the continental United States and $300 or more in California.

We can ship to most locations via FedEx.

Fine Wines International does not make any money on the cost of shipping. We pass along the price charged by the common carrier to our clients without additional markups.

Q: Where do you ship?

A: We ship to any state in the US where it is legally allowable to do so. As shipping laws change on a near daily basis, please contact us for a more detailed listing for your state. Please note that most states regulate importation of wines, and buyers are responsible for compliance with laws of the state in which wines are to be shipped. Buyers, not Fine Wines International, are the owners and shipper of record for all shipments. By arranging for transportation of the wine, we are providing a service to and acting on behalf of the buyer.

Fine Wines International will arrange for shipment on behalf of the buyer, to an address specified by the buyer, provided that Fine Wines International in its sole judgment believes that such shipment will not subject Fine Wines International to the risk of any sort of legal action or other harm. If a buyer lives in a state where the direct shipment of wine by Fine Wines International violates the law, we suggest that the buyer provide an alternative address in another state or have their wine shipped to a third-party storage facility in a direct shipping-friendly state.

Some states deter us from being able to ship using regular shipping companies. However, we can in most instances utilize a third-party shipping service that holds a valid license to ship into these regions.

International Shipping

We ship internationally to most countries where it is legally permissible to do so. However, the recipient must pay the cost of taxes unless prior arrangement has been made. Due to contractual arrangements, we do not ship to Canada or Mexico.

We are able to ship quickly and efficiently to many countries. Shipping to Japan or Hong Kong is often quick and cost-effective. Shipping to certain countries in Europe, while doable, may require more time, paperwork and duty.
If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Q: When do you ship?

A: As most of our inventory is in stock, we attempt to ship either same day or next day. We prefer to ship Monday through Wednesday. We do this so that your wine does not spend excessive amounts of time outside cellar conditions and shipments arrive before the weekend. As a result, orders placed late in the week may not ship until the following Monday. Saturday delivery is available in most locations for an additional fee from FedEx.

Please understand that during business hours, your orders are immediately packaged and scheduled for delivery, but may be delayed until ideal conditions for shipment arise. Shipping cutoff times may vary during the holiday seasons. We are unable to schedule shipments for a specific time during the day.

Q: What companies do you ship with?

A: We ship with either FedEx or Golden State Overnight Transport depending upon the final destination of the delivery.

Q: How do you ship “pre-arrivals” or “futures”?

A: While most of our wine is “in stock” and designated as such on our website, we also sell some wine on a "pre-arrival" or "futures" basis. These products are explicitly indicated as "pre-arrivals" or "futures" on our website and in our catalog, along with the expected arrival dates which are listed on the single product page for that wine.

Fine Wines International will contact you when your "pre-arrivals" or "futures" have arrived and are ready to be shipped. You will be given the opportunity to coordinate the proper shipping address and method (we don't automatically ship out pre-arrival wines when they arrive).

Q: Will you ship to my APO, FPO or PO Box?

A: We do not ship to APO, FPO, or PO boxes. Federal regulations make it illegal to ship wine to post office boxes.

Q: How old do I need to be to have wine shipped?

A: Buyer must warrant that he/she is at least 21 years of age, legally allowed to purchase wine, and that the wines will be received by someone that is at least 21 years of age.

Q: Does someone need to be present to receive the shipment?

A: Any shipments containing alcoholic beverages are sent with an “Adult Signature Required” label, and the common carrier that delivers the merchandise is required to ask and check for identification upon delivery. This means that you will have to be present at the time of delivery. We prefer to have wines delivered to a business address to ensure prompt delivery. Wines addressed to a residence will not be left without a signature by someone at least 21 years of age. By ordering you agree to indemnify and hold harmless the seller for any resulting consequence of a fraudulent order or any misrepresentation of the age or legal ability of any intended recipient to receive shipment of alcoholic beverages.

Q: If I have my order shipped, do I have to pay sales tax?

A: Wines shipped within the State of California are subject to taxation. Holders of California State Liquor Authority licenses may be exempt from taxation and should present the required documents to Fine Wines International prior to purchase. Fine Wines International shall not be held financially responsible for the cost of any wine confiscated by any government or law enforcement agency as a result of alleged violations of applicable laws by the purchaser.

Q: What is your policy regarding shipping during summer heat and winter cold?

A: Transporting wine in extreme weather conditions, even by overnight service, may seriously damage wines. During periods of extreme weather, Fine Wines International strongly advises against transport of wines by any means. During these times, we are pleased to provide complimentary short-term storage until better conditions prevail. If shipment is requested during periods of extreme weather, the buyer will be required to sign a Shipping Release to free Fine Wines International from any liability for damage to wines shipped during periods of extreme weather.

Q: Can you ship my wine in the original case?

A: For all orders of wines in their Original Wood Case, we ship the OWC separately at no extra charge. 

Q: Can I pick up my wine rather than have it shipped?

A: It’s possible to arrange a pick-up at our location. We have an office and a temperature-controlled warehouse where we store wine. If you are in the area and would like to arrange a pick-up at our facility, please email us and we will get back to you as soon as we can to arrange a convenient pick-up time.

Q: What is the difference between wines “in transit” and “pre-arrival” wines?

A: Wines in transit are usually here within 1-3 weeks and are being delivered from a winery that is located in the U.S. Pre-arrival wines are being shipped from Europe and while we do our best to estimate the delivery dates of pre-arrival, they may take longer. We inform buyers when pre-arrival wines arrive. Should you have any questions about availability times for either, please contact us.

Q: Are there any other special considerations when shipping older wines?

A: Though every effort is made to describe or measure the levels of older vintages, corks more than 20 years old begin to lose their elasticity and levels can change. Old corks occasionally fail during or after shipment. Buyers must understand that there is always a risk of cork failure with old wines.

Q: What if a shipment is lost or otherwise damaged?

A: If you experience a problem with a shipment, contact us immediately. We will take care of it.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.