Domaine des Buissonnes Loire

As summer rolls in, it's nice to have some Sancerre blanc nearby.

During our most recent trip to France earlier this year before the lock down, we tasted a number of Sancerre blancs, and the 2018 Roger Naudet Domaine des Buissonnes was our favorite.

This Sauvignon Blanc is from a family-run estate located in the village of Sury en Vaux. The wine rested on the lees until the April after the vintage. This vital process adds complexities that cannot be duplicated by other means.

A great style of smoky Sancerre that's mineral-driven, floral, and bone-dry on the finish, making it a marvelous match to shellfish. Delicious by itself as well.

The 2018 Roget Naudet Domaine des Buissonnnes is our most recent direct import, and will be ready to ship June 24th.

Free FedEx Ground shipping on one case in CA and on two cases within the Continental United States.