Domaine Henri et Gilles Remoriquet

We are delighted to announce that we are now direct importing Domaine Henri et Gilles Remoriquet red Burgundies, a 4th generation Domaine based in Nuits Saint Georges with some amazing vineyard holdings and producing some extremely high quality wines which are offered at very reasonable prices.

Don't miss the vertical of Vosne Romanée Au Dessus des Malconsorts, the vines are touching La Tache and just above de Montille's Malconsorts vines, and priced 30 times cheaper than a bottle of DRC La Tache!!!

Etienne de Montille has been complaining that Gilles Remoriquet needs to fix the wall that separates their vineyards!!

We read about them in Bill Nanson's Burgundy Report, an online publication we enjoy. Nanson writes they offer brilliant value:

"Stylistically the wines are really well made. There are some stems added back to the wines during fermentation, and extremely strict berry selection using both floating berry and manual triage. The result is complete, quite luscious and very perfumed. The top two wines are a treasured holding in Les Saint Georges, and some vines in Au Dessus des Malconsorts – this latter vineyard would simply be called Vosne Malconsorts by any other grower! The domaine’s major holding is some very old vines in Nuits Saint Georges Les Allots – a step up from the village Nuits St Georges and truly fantastic quality.

I had a morning tasting with Gilles in the cellar of the 2015 wines, mainly from Nuits Saint Georges, including Les Saint Georges, as well as the wonderful Vosne Romanée 1er Cru Au dessus des Malconsorts. Loved the wines, rich and concentrated, powerful and well balanced."

Purchased directly, Gilles has very generously made available at super attractive prices a veritable library of wines from Domaine Henri et Gilles Remoriquet going back to 1993. 

In addition, we have also secured a nice allocation of more recent vintages. 

We especially recommend the 2015s, the price to quality ratio is unbeatable.

There are still deals to be had in Burgundy!

These are in stock and ready to ship.